Bule Boleh Bajo

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So what does Bule Boleh Bajo mean ?

Bule = Tourist

Boleh = Can (be like)

Bajo = The name of a sea gypsy tribe.

Yes, we are offering you a unique opportunity to live like a Bajo sea gypsy aboard the only houseboat in the Togian Islands.

Immerse yourself in an idyllic nomadic experience, island-hopping in the comfort of your own room, knowing that you won't have to sleep on a restaurant floor waiting for a room to become available.

While the Sea Gypsies stay in their villages, you can visit and then travel on to the next village, beach or resort of your choice.

We are confident that we can ...

Please be advised that booking is essential because although we plan to build another houseboat, at the moment there is only one houseboat in the islands, so unfortunately ...


Facilities provided by Bule Boleh Bajo

Life Jackets

Personal safety box

Electricity provided on request by solar panels for charging mobile phones

Masks and snorkels

Small kitchen which our staff use to cook your 3 included meals each day plus any fish you catch

Home-made Bajo wooden goggles

Home-made Bajo speargun

Free drinking water provided from 19 litre container to avoid too many plastic bottles being thrown away.


Fresh water western style toilet and mandi

Our imaginative design means beds can be arranged in a number of variations to suit a family with children or groups of up to 6 people.

Trips available to choose from (minimum 2 guests)

From Rupiah 360,000 per person per night

Togian Cruise - 3-5 nights (your choice)

This is enough time to get a taste of the Togian Islands and see the highlights of the area

Number of Guests Price per Guest per night

2 600,000

3 550,000

4 500,000

5 450,000

6 400,000

Togian Explorer - 6 nights or more (10% discount)

Minimum 6 nights, no maximum number of nights, it's your choice

The best way to be able to see all of the attractions and engage yourself in a lot of activity but at a relaxed pace

Booking Your Trip

Contact us to find out if your planned dates are available or to ask us if there are any trips you can join.

Being the first people booking a trip gives you the advantage of being able to decide the length of the trip but at the same time know that others joining the trip will reduce the price you pay.

Booking a place on a trip that already has guests gives you the advantage of knowing that your trip will be cheaper than if you travelled by yourself and also allows people travelling alone to join in the fun.



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